It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. - Mahatma Gandhi



A space dedicated to the overall health and wellness of each individual who walks through the doors. We service from the core of the body- the soul, the energetic systems, to the outer reaches the skin. Through practices like meditation and yoga we guide our students to do the work, to create awareness of body and soul, to find within themselves their place of peace, through acts of massage, acupuncture, skin care treatments we encourage ultimate relaxation of the mind and body while allowing our knowledgeable and skilled practitioners to hold space and relieve the body of impurities. From knots within the muscles, blockages within the meridians or unwanted hair! Feel beautiful, pure and at peace from Soul to Skin.

All of our practitioners are highly skilled and full of passion for the industry that they are in. Each individual has had their own journey with extra training in differently modalities unique to one another. They believe in the full body health, in the connection between the physical, mental and energetic aspects of our bodies.They believe in the power of love and attention that we give to our bodies to see us through this life. Our services range from skin care- facials and chemical peels to acupuncture, iridology and cupping. What does you and your body need from the inside out to feel its absolute best?

Jaime McKeag Reber

Jaime has been in the health industry since she was 16, 12 years later she is now an RMT Massage Therapist, Esthetician with extra courses in chemical peels and skin care, Yoga Teacher, and is currently studying areas of Energy Work. She strives to find new modalities that give her clients that zen feel. That remove the stresses from their day- from their emotional and physical states and that improve their overall well being. Jaime is passionate about providing excellent services, beautiful classes, a welcoming space to grow within, creating relationships, and building a community of love and acceptance.



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Acupuncture  60 min $85

An in-depth acupuncture treatment and is one hour long to allow for longer needle insertion if required.

Acupuncture Consultation 60 Min  $100

This is an hour long initial consultation. The pulse and tongue are checked, a questionnaire is filled in and we review the difficulties you are experiencing. This is an excellent choice if the health issues pertain to physical trauma or over-use, repetitive strain of muscles and balance out the Qi within the body. Consultation includes acupuncture treatment.

Relaxation Massage

30 min $50
45 min $70
60 min $85
75 min $105
90 min $125

Sink into a space of peace to ease sore muscles and a busy mind. Upon arriving choose your blend of massage and essential oil that will give you the most benefit.

Therapeutic Massage

30 min $50
45 min $70
60 min $85
75 min $105
90 min $130

Customize your appointment to effectively reduce pain, ease tension through the body and help heal injuries. Our RMTs are educated to deal with a wide range of issues and injuries that can occur within the body.

Aurora Body Scrub 45 min $75 

Customize this treatment by choosing 1 of our 3 body scrubs. Each scrub has its own positive effects on the body. Have your skin exfoliated while your body is relaxed and your mind unwinds in this beautiful treatment dedicated to shedding unwanted skin cells followed by a hydrating moisturizer. This treatment is great for stimulating the circulation within your body to help rid the body of skin impurities, sore muscles and cellulite.  You have never felt so new and fresh!

Aurora Body Wrap 75 min $115

This full body treatment is essential for a new you. Shed dead skin cells by choosing 1 of our 3 body scrubs, before being wrapped in either a mud for detoxifying properties or mask for hydrating properties. While you lay comfortably wrapped in plastic, sheets and blankets for the best product absorptions- enjoy a scalp and pressure point facial massage. Finish this treatment with a moisturizer application. This treatment is for detoxifying the body, and assists in ridding the body of cellulite, water retention and skin impurities.

Refresh Package 105 min $115

Includes Refresh Manicure, Refresh Pedicure
and Refresh Facial

Aurora Package: 120 min $145.50

Includes Aurora Facial and Pedicure

Aurora Body Package 135 min $190

Includes Aurora Body Wrap and 60 minute Massage

Aurora Ultra Package 210 min $245

Includes Ultra Manicure, Ultra Pedicure, Ultra Facial

Aurora Full Day Package 360 min $418

Includes Aurora Manicure, Aurora Pedicure, Aurora Ultra Facial, Aurora Body Wrap and 90 minute Massage

Refresh Facial 30 min $55

This 30 minute facial is perfect for lunch time or to add to any treatment. Its  customized for your skin type and to help correct any short term or ongoing issues. Includes a cleanse, deep exfoliation and mask, complete with eye cream, serum and moisturizer

Aurora Facial 60 min $95

Enjoy this incredible experience while still treating your skin. This 60 min treatment customized to help correct/minimize skin concerns dry and tired skin, pigmentation, fine lines and redness while still luxuriating in a relaxing experience complete with a scalp and face massage.

Aurora Ultra Facial 90 min  $120

Start this amazing 90 min treatment off with a back scrub and gentle massage to allow your worries to melt away. Experience deep cleansing of the skin, full exfoliation, extractions, and the perfect mask for your skin concerns. Complete with an extended full face, neck and scalp massage to complete this Ultra Facial.

Aurora Chemical Peel $150

Chemical Peels allow us to treat the deeper layers of the skin, combating the pigmentation and break outs before they reach the surface. Meanwhile stimulating the collagen and elastin production within the skin to help reduce the signs and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

First treatment 60 min for consultation
Regular treatments 30-45 min


Half Leg $47
Full Leg $70
Half Arm $30
Full Arm $45
Bikini $40
Full Bikini $50
Brazil $70
Brow $18
Lip $12
Chin $20
Full Face $45
Chest/ Stomach $55
Back $55
Underarm $25

Refresh Manicure 30 min $25

This mini manicure is a quick fix before any event, cuticle work, nail shaping and polish application

Aurora Manicure 60 min $45

This manicure is perfect to wake up dry and tired hands. Includes soaking the finger tips, cuticle work, nail shaping, scrub, massage, polish application

Aurora Ultra Manicure 75 min $60

This manicure has it all! Soaking of the fingertips, cuticle work, nail shaping, scrub, mask and paraffin, massage and polish application.

Refresh Pedicure 45 min $45

This mini pedicure is perfect for a touch up before your night on the town. This includes all cuticle work, nail reshaping, scrub, moisturizer and polish of your choice.

Aurora Pedicure 75 min $65

This full pedicure includes everything from cuticle work, callus removal, nail reshaping, scrub, moisturizer, massage and polish of your choice.

Aurora Ultra Pedicure  90 min $80

This pedicure includes everything your feet could need, cuticle work, callus removal, nail reshaping, scrub, moisturizer, plus a foot mask and paraffin, massage and a polish of your choice.

Gel Polish add on 15$

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Drop-In $16
Student/Senior Drop in $12
Day Rate Unlimited $25
1 month Unlimited $130
1 week Unlimited (1st time students only) $25
3 Month Unlimited $330
1 year Unlimited (One-time fee) $1200

Aurora Flow 60 min

Bring your day to life with Aurora’s signature one hour class designed to wake up and energize the body. This class focuses on vinyasa style yoga, flowing from one pose to the next with our breath as our guide. Designed for all levels.

BEGINNER Flow 60 min

Slow movements, and gentle sequences to create relaxation and rejuvenation within the body and mind. It is prefect for releasing tight joints, improving flexibility. Perfect for all levels as the slow movement allow for detailed instructions and focus on alignment in postures.

Vinyasa flow 60 min

This class pairs breath with movement in a physical practice that encourages a transformative and balancing effect in your body. We will move at moderate pace, building heat and movement to build strength, flexibility, and stamina.


Come and let your day melt away with this candle lit Yin practice. Floor postures are held passively for several minutes as deep stretches will help you reconnect with your body to cultivate ease, balance and grace.

YIN/YANG 60 min

Start off strong with active and dynamic Yang practice to energize and strengthen the body. Finish off with passive floor postures for several minutes in order to prepare both the body and the mind for deeper experiences in meditation

1 year Unlimited (Monthly auto pay) $115
5 class pass $70
10 class pass $125
20 class pass $230
Student/Senior 10 Class Pass $110



Start this class off with yin movements- deep stretches that you hold for several minutes to move stagnant energy through the body and to open up through any tight areas. The first 30 minutes of the class is movement followed by the last 30 minutes dedicated to a Yoga Nidra Meditation- or commonly referred to a sleep meditation. While laying down you are guided through pathways of the body and visuals as you let your physical body completely relax.


This class focus on matching your breath with movement in order to build strength, balance, and flexibility within your core. Suitable for all levels. This is a great recovery glass for Athletes and highly active individuals as well.


A class is designed specifically for your hips. This class will focus on yoga postures that strengthen and open the Hips. This class is suitable for all levels.



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We leave one-third of spots in all of our classes available for walk in students (ie – for a 45 person capacity class, pre-registration caps at 30, leaving 15 spots for walk in students). So if you see a class below that does not have a “Sign Up” link, that means pre-registration is full, but one-third of the spots are still open for walk in students.


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