30 Day Challenge Update

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khabel | posted October 15, 2018

Hey fellow challengers! Larrisa here,

We’re almost a week in and I just wanted to check in with everyone! These challenges are meant to be a fun way to stay accountable! But I want to share my thoughts about it. Spoiler alert, completing 30 classes isn’t and shouldn’t be the goal of Aurora’s 30-day challenge.

For those of you who follow Ayurveda and are familiar with the dosha’s you know that I’m the pitta-est of the pitta’s. I can be feisty, intense and always in a competition, not so much with others though, mainly with myself. So, when these 30-day challenges come around my eyes light up, my palms get sweaty and I may or may not start salivating. It’s comparable to a dog in heat. Not sure what dosha’s are? Give it a quick google and prepare to have your mind blown… I’ll wait.

But I’m taking a different approach this time around and making my own challenge within the challenge. Let’s call it a “soft 30”. What this means is I’m trying to be more gentle and soft with myself and worry less about how many classes I actually attend. The 30-day challenge is not a competition of who can get the most ticks on the board! It’s about self-discovery, self-improvement and most importantly self-love. After all, there is so much more to to yoga than just the physical practice.

The goal this month shouldn’t be the prizes at the end of the challenge (although a little birdie told me the prizes are pretty great ) It’s not a race of who gets to 30 classes first, it’s about what you learn along the way. And maybe those discoveries happen early and you finish with 15 classes or maybe you have the energy to make it to the end. Whatever path you choose, let your body decide and not your ego.

So to my fellow pitta’s and challengers out there:
– It’s okay to miss a day or two or three of yoga
– Don’t be so hard on yourself on those days when nothing goes right
– Slow down and be grateful for how far you’ve come on AND off your mat
– And the best part about this PRACTICE is that we will always be students, there is no mastering this yoga stuff so relax and enjoy the journey.

See you at the end of the 30