Creating a Community of Inclusion

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khabel | posted July 16, 2018

What do you think about when you hear some say they are going to yoga?

As a yoga studio with two locations in very different demographics, we recognize everyone has judgements about what yoga “is”. Some are standard and some are quite personal. But for us at Aurora, yoga is very much about creating space for a community of people who can come together amidst an array of differences.

There is something so magical about creating a community where you can share the same experience with people who are so different from you. Where you can share each other’s energies and simply help rise up those around you with your presence. Aurora’s goal is to create a space that welcomes all people of all ages, shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and interests to come together to share their yoga practice, however, they choose to define it, in a loving accepting environment.

Research throughout the years has shown that as human beings we are drawn to community. We want to share experiences with others. And when we are a part of a healthy community our shared joy elevates our mood and our spirits.

At Aurora, our hope is to create a community based in joy beyond the mat. This practice has such a magnificent impact on the mind, body and soul, we wish that all our students can share that impact with those experiencing the same thing.

For example, those of us who have been practicing yoga for some time know if it’s hips day, there is a good chance you’re going to cry. And that there is something beautiful and freeing about that. But if you’ve never been to yoga before or are still figuring this whole thing out, well, you might be totally freaked out that you started crying for no reason in the middle of the class. Our wish for our students is to feel safe enough to ask about that experience and share it. Our hope is to cultivate a place where students want to linger before and after class, laughing, loving and maybe even creating lifelong friendships.

On a grander scheme, the goal of creating this loving community stems from the knowledge that if we harness the power of connection we can influence our community for positive change outside of just our classrooms.

It is true what they say, doing yoga makes us better people and being able to take that with us into the world every day is huge.

Katelynne Habel <3