Annalise – Staff Profile

by khabel | posted December 13, 2017

When did you decide you wanted to be esthetician?

I left university after my first year to work, so I wouldn’t have to take out student loans in order to get my degree. So, while I was working at a bank full time, I took a part-time position working the front desk at a small spa owned by a family friend. I had struggled for a number of years with my own skin issues and I found that I was very intrigued by the treatment options and other services, so I decided to look into esthetics schools. I decided that I would attend European Institute of Esthetics as it was a full year program and allowed me to get my international certification once I graduated.

If you weren’t an esthetician what do you think you’d be doing?

I would have probably gone back to university and got my degree in Anthropology with a Linguistics Minor.

What is your favorite way to unwind/destress? 

Spend time with my dog and my significant other, I don’t spend nearly enough time with them so every moment I get is my happy place.

Last item you purchased?

Glamcor Elite 2 Light + Kit (GLAMCOR) – Classic Elite Light Kit (it’s a fancy light for eyelash extensions) and LashPRO Back Support Brace (because I have terrible posture).

What is something about you that would surprise your clients

I’m a huge nerd. I love science, from astronomy to chemistry and biology. I love learning about new discoveries.

One thing you wish to improve at in 2018?

My eating habits. I am a fast food fiend. I very rarely cook, so I would love to shock my significant other and make at least 3-4 home cooked meals a week.

What is one thing you ALWAYS make time for even if you are busy? 

Sleep. I 100% cannot function if I get less than 6 hours a night. Sleep is so important not only for your physical health but also for your mental health. We spend approximately 1/3 of our life sleeping, we might as well enjoy it.

Rapid Fire: 

Favorite Date Night

We love trying new places, so it would have to be at a new restaurant with good eats and even better drinks!

Guilty Pleasure

Wine. Red, white or rose, I don’t discriminate.

The most random Instagram account you follow 


It’s a lime that does stuff.

Annalise received her CIDESCO training from European Institute of Esthetics 2011. She is passionate about helping her clients with their skin-care needs, so they can feel confident and beautiful in their skin. In addition to skincare, Annalise specializes in waxing, pedicures and lash extensions.