Five Ways To Bounce Back From The Holiday Hangover

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khabel | posted December 26, 2017

5 ways to recover from the holiday hangover.

Christmas really can be the most wonderful time of the year! Spending time with loved ones, making the people you love smile, eating all the best foods and watching all the romantic Christmas movies out there can be wonderful. If we are being honest though, the holidays can also be some not so wonderful things.  While we love seeing our families, even the most “normal” of families drive each other crazy. Buying gifts can be stressful, exhausting and for some, a huge financial burden. And let’s not forget about the total overindulgence of holiday cocktails, feasts and of course the chocolates, oh the sweet, sweet Christmas chocolates.

Whether you find yourself needing to recover from an emotional hangover, financial hangover or just an actual hangover, we have five of our favorite ways to bounce back from the holidays and kick the New Year off on high note!

  1. Get active and get out of the house. It doesn’t have to be complicated, take the dogs for an evening walk or run. Not feeling the cold weather, grab a friend and go to the gym or your favorite yoga studio. If you’re really lacking the motivation to get out of the house search your favorite workout on YouTube and hit play. Getting active after the holidays may feel like a monumental chore. But after that first ten minutes, you will already begin to feel better. Guaranteed. And honestly why wait until January to start a fitness regime when you can start now. You’ll just be that much further ahead of the crowd!
  2. Take time to reflect on what made you grateful over the holidays. Think about what moments that made you smile, hold onto those and let go of the rest. Try not to over think it. Honestly, if you can’t think of something that made you smile while you were with your family that is okay. Sometimes the holidays just aren’t what we hoped for again, that’s okay. Reflect on what you’d like to be different next year and how you can change it. Recognize you are only human, and the same goes for the members of your family. No one is perfect. And no Christmas season will be perfect. It’s a lot easier to be grateful when you let go of expectations of perfection. As recovering perfectionist’s ourselves we know this takes practice! Be kind to yourself.
  3. Evaluate your boundaries. Christmas can mess with our ability to maintain our boundaries big time, leading to a major holiday hangover. We create boundaries to protect ourselves from being emotionally, mentally, physically and financially taken advantage of, and yet at Christmas when we need these boundaries the most we toss them to the wayside. Why do we do this? Sometimes we do it out of guilt, sometimes we do it out of a misplaced idea of love and sometimes we do it out of obligation. Whatever the reason you may have slackened your boundaries this past Christmas, take some time to think about how you can avoid doing the same thing next year. Suggest a family secret Santa, implement a budget and let everyone know what your limit will be, or simply opt out of hosting Christmas dinner next year.
  4. Resolve to take care of you going into the new year. Make getting on your meditation pillow a priority, sign up for a registered yoga class that forces you to show up each morning, read personal development books, schedule a massage and make it a regular occurrence. While an amazing bubble bath filled with salts and your favorite essential oils is amazing, taking care of your mind, body and soul is so much more. Self-care is about making a routine of your favorite, and not so favorite (boot-camp class anyoneactivities a part of your regular routine. When you do this not only are you signaling to the universe you are a priority, you are showing your family, friends and even your boss that you are a non-negotiable priority. Trust us, you are worth every moment and every act of self-care and love you show yourself. 
  5. Forgive the people that let you down this Christmas. We don’t have the scientific research but were willing to bet a lot of feelings get hurt over the holiday season. Your mother – in – law hated your turkey. The kids, the nieces and nephews, the stepchildren, they were all ungrateful. Your spouse didn’t pitch in, at all! Or maybe you just ordered pizza for one and watched Star Wars all day because your family just sucks.  It all hurts and it even all hurts the same, after all, pain is pain. But you can choose to forgive, even if it is just silently, choose to step back into alignment with love and let the pain go. Remember you’re not excusing someone’s actions as much as you are saying “I do not own this”. Now you might have to remind yourself a bunch of times you are letting it go, but you will get to a point where it doesn’t sting as much. And honestly, this step will probably face a lot of internal resistance, maybe even more than number one, but we promise, you will feel better if you keep at it. And you’ll probably subconsciously create some awesome boundaries for next Christmas.

Lots of Love,

Katelynne Habel with Aurora Yoga & Spa