Jennifer Janvier Staff Profile

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khabel | posted January 16, 2018

What made you decide on Massage Therapy as a career choice? 

Helping people feel better had always been something that has shown up in my life. Massage therapy was such a direct way to help someone find relief whether on a physical level or deeper, from the pain that they carry.

 Last spring you completed your yoga teacher training (and started teaching right here at Aurora) how do massage therapy and yoga intersect for you?

 They seem to intersect in countless ways! Watching how a person moves their body in my yoga class gives me quite a bit of insight into how they use their bodies in their daily life. Due to my background in massage therapy, I am able to suggest ways to counteract some less functional repetitive movements and help clients achieve balance within their bodies.

Outside of yoga and meditation, how do you unwind from being a full-time career woman and mom of three?

Haha yoga and meditation are almost essential for finding my way back to myself. However, I really love curling up on the couch with a blanket, book, and tea. I also find being absolutely silly and playful can go a long way to release stress. A good Zumba class does this for me.

What is one piece of advice you’d love for all your massage clients to follow?

MOVE! It doesn’t matter what you do finding ways to move the body is essential for your mental health but can also significantly benefit all of your connective tissues. When we move we are hydrating our joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This hydration aids in keeping our tissue young and healthy leading to less physical pain and greater overall health.

You teach a variety of yoga classes here are Aurora, where do you draw inspiration for your yoga classes.

My own meditation and yoga practice are a great influence, but inspiration comes in many forms. Past and current teachers, books, and living life; having a human experience provides opportunity for constant self-inquiry. As a teacher inspiration for a class comes from this self-inquiry. I’m always seeking ways to provide this opportunity to look a little deeper (whether just on a physical level or something a little more) within my classes.

Rapid fire:

Perfect day off?

Somewhere completely alone free to practice yoga and read.

Favorite cheat meal?

Lemon tart, or anything from the Duchess!

Go to meditation? Ie guided, silent etc.

Silent, observing what arises.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee is for survival, but I love tea throughout the day.

Meat or Veggies for dinner?

Both, I like balance on my plate.

Written by Katelynne Habel for Aurora Yoga & Spa