The Joy Behind Karma Yoga

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khabel | posted January 25, 2018

Aurora Yoga & Spa recently started hosting Karma Yoga Classes at 6:30 pm on Friday nights. These wonderful classes are led by recent graduates of the Higher Love Yoga Academy here in the Edmonton area. These graduates have graciously come together to donate their time to teach a class each week with the proceeds going to the local Ronald McDonald House! A charity near and dear to our hearts here at Aurora Yoga & Spa.

A charity Yoga class is of course what many of us think of when one of our friends asks us to join them at a Karma Yoga Class: A wonderful opportunity to drop into a Yoga class for a much-reduced cost while supporting new yoga teachers and a section of the community. These are of course important and honorable characteristics of Karma Yoga to be sure. However, upon closer inspection of the term Karma Yoga, one can see there is a much deeper meaning to the practice than what typically comes to mind. Without going into thousands of years of history and Yogic Philosophy we wanted to give our

students and readers a chance to have a deeper understanding of why Karma Classes may be held before they step on their mat again.

Karma Yoga, from the traditional teachings, is a path of service to others. It is a Yoga of Action, which of course can sound silly when you think of Yoga as a way to move your body alone. In that sense, all Yoga is the Yoga of action, after all, you’re moving your body, aren’t you. But for the purposes of Karma Yoga, the action or actions being described are acts in the service for others for selfless reasons.

The actions of the teacher, and hopefully the students attending, during a Karma Yoga Class are a way to love and serve your community selflessly. And not just the community you donated to when you walked through the door, but to the community in that very room with you, sharing that moment with you.

Most can agree that in today’s world it is so easy to get caught up in our attachments, our problems, our to-do lists and forget about those around us. It is so easy to disconnect from our neighbors, our family and our community which is so opposite to the nature of human beings, to our need to be connected to each other. Karma Yoga Classes are an opportunity to reconnect with our community, to share positive energy with one another, to connect on a higher level and possibly most importantly, to connect to something larger than yourself, if only for a moment in time.

We invite you to take our next Karma Class, to take the chance to walk into a yoga class without any expectations or attachments, to get on your mat for someone else. We invite you to take this 60 -minutes to be of service to others through your presence on your mat. We invite you to connect with your neighbor, your community and your teacher through this practice of service and love.

Our next Karma Classes are Friday, 6:30 pm at both the Jasper Ave and Leduc locations. We’ll see you on your mat.

Written for Aurora Yoga & Spa by Katelynne Habel