The Joy Of Surrender

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khabel | posted July 31, 2018

Surrender to what is. Say ‘yes’ to life — and see how life starts suddenly to start working for you rather than against you.”

— Eckhart Tolle

Like many people maybe you find the idea of surrender, difficult to fathom or maybe it is just plain absurd as far as you are concerned. Perhaps you think the idea of surrender is to give up and allow life to go on without you. Or you view surrender as the surest way to become a victim of circumstance. Or perhaps you have never thought about surrendering because breaking down barriers and busting through walls is kind of your superpower, so why stop now?

And if this is working for you then, by all means, stop reading. This article will probably just anger and agitate you, it might even give you some serious anxiety, after all we will be talking about the benefits of surrender. Then again, if the idea of surrendering to that which you simply cannot control induces any sort of emotion from you, then maybe this article is actually exactly what you need. Just some food for thought.

One thing is certain though, life cannot be controlled. We can do everything within our power to control everything that happens around us, yet all it takes is one pesky fender bender on our daily commute to completely shift our universe. I get it this might sound dramatic, but you’ve been there, I sure of it. One moment can completely throw our perfectly thought our plan off course. But take a moment and think, does anything really ever go according to plan? Or do you just not, sweat the small stuff as they say and only notice life going off the rails when it’s the really big stuff.

The thing is, sweating the big stuff doesn’t accomplish anything more than sweating the small stuff would. We’ve learned not to let the little things bother us because what’s the point, right. Getting upset over every little thing only creates pain and unnecessary pressure and often even more unforeseen obstacles. The same is 100% true for the big stuff. It only feels like we need to control the bigger things because, if they don’t go our way it hurts more and that sucks with a capital S!

Whatever pain or discomfort you’re trying to avoid with a pseudo feeling of control, is probably going to hurt a heck of a lot less than all the pain you create from your resistance. Sometimes (pretty much every time) letting events unfold without added interference is a heck of a lot more peaceful than creating drama, and turmoil and anxiety from trying to make something happen that just might not be meant to be.

Once you start surrendering and letting go of how something should happen or what it should look like you might notice really good things happen a lot more smoothly. And who doesn’t want that!

If you’re not read yoga dive right into the practice of surrender yoga and meditation are a really great place to start. And honestly, a yin class where the whole point is to let your body do the surrendering might just be what the doctor ordered!

Lots of love Katelynne Habel <3