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Chandra Klatt

An injury put Chandra’s typical fitness regime on hold and opened her up to Yoga. During this time, she saw firsthand the healing powers of Yoga both on the physical body and the mind. She is here for you, no matter what stage of your journey you are on.

Kristen Kulak

Kristen is a teacher for all souls. She is wildly passionate about Yoga and the peace it can offer her as a busy mama. She understands that your mat is your time, sometimes the only time you can call your own and is so honored to be able to lead her students through their practices.

Roxanne Brison

Roxanne is passionate about cultivating flexibility within the mind so the body can follow. She believes taking the time on your mat allows you to become centered and focused in an effort to renew your self-love.

Michelle Cherry

Michelle is very devoted to supporting her student's journey to create balance and wellness within. Michelle is an avid believer that yoga offers an opportunity to achieve this wellness and peace within.

Lani Robles

Lani is a full-time elementary school teacher and knows firsthand how important cultivating balance and peace of mind can be, no matter your age, ability, or previous knowledge. She is excited to help every student on their path to spiritual wellbeing and an active lifestyle.

Sandra Town – St Louis

Sandra is passionate about helping her students cultivate healthy living through training the mind, body and spirit. Both a Yoga instructor and Fitness instructor Sandra is here to help you achieve your wellness goals in the ways that make the most sense to you.

Kristel Gandey

Kristel was lead to Yoga to help manage her epilepsy. After seeing healing within herself Kristel decided to take her practice a step further by teaching. Kristel is passionate about her students, she loves supporting them during their practice and cultivating relationships and further building that sense of community following her classes.

Taylor Coles - Massage Therapist

Taylor has a strong passion for helping others and is a strong advocate for selfcare. Massage therapy allows Taylor to support her clients with their self-care goals while having them leave feeling relaxed and renewed. Taylor works to combine therapeutic and relaxation to create an effective and comforting treatment. Taylor specializes in relaxation and trigger point therapy.

Leslie Hodgins - RMT

Leslie is versatile massage therapist who graduated four years ago with 3000 hours. Since graduating Leslie has become dedicated to health and wellness. Whether you come in for a relaxation, deep tissue, prenatal or sports massage Leslie's goal is to ensure all her clients leave feeling more at peace in their bodies. Leslie specializes in therapeutic and relaxation massage.